Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     Who is eligible to use this platform?

Ans: Anybody, irrespective of religious, racial, social, economical or gender affiliations, and above 18years and beyond in age. 


2.     Do I have to pay to complete my order?

Ans: This is a marketplace where all goods and services are paid for to enable the fashion designers commence work. You will have to pay for your order to be complete and delivered to your door-step. Simply select a design. 


3.     How long will it take to get my cloth delivered at my door step?

Ans: Currently, we deliver every order within 14 days on receipt of such order (after obtaining measurement). However, you can request express delivery of 7 working days with an additional 20% payment on the overall cost payable before the time starts to count.


4.     Is it compulsory to self-measure or use a local tailor?

Ans: You are encouraged to get your measurement from a third party or tailor. (do not give an allowancee for any inch, it should be exactly fit/tight with the body) However, should you require our friendly personnel to come take your measurement; this option is also available at no charge.


5.     How do I recognise a Staff of who comes for my measurement?

Ans: The personnel identify himself/herself with an ID card of GEMS APPAWEAR LIMITED, the sole owner of platform or where we advise otherwise.


6.     What if i choose a purple ankara Gown (design) and want a red colour of it?

Ans: The Gown will be made with red colour at the designers descretion. Just remember to write a comment at check-out

7.     What happens if at delivery, I tried my cloth and found out that my dress is too free or too tight, or just any other complaints that needs adjustment?

Ans: In the event of complaint above, it will be taken back from you for adjustments free of charge, provided that the error is ours. However, if we sew according to the measurement you gave, we will do the alteration free of charge, but you pay for the delivery at the cost of N1,000.00 only.


8.     What if I am no longer interested in the dress after the order is complete or at delivery?

Ans: Once an order is placed, the process commences immediately as tailors/fashion designers are paid to start work immediately. However, you are to send a mail to to cancel any order and you would be charged 40% for administrative and processing fees while the fabric will be retained by Please bear in mind that the designers have earned their income on the sales/service at this point. (For instance you cancel an order of N7,500 naira, the sum of N4,500.00 will be remitted to you.)  


9.     I want to pay online but my internet banking is bad/no service or I am unable to do online transactions with my ATM card on the portal. What can I do?

Ans:  You are advised to pay through ATM transfer/cash deposit into our bank account details provided. GEMS APPAWEAR LTD, FIRST BANK 2031037624 (You will send us the pictures (fabric and style of the order to and text 08125201699 for the total amount revealed (plus shipping charge) and we will complete your order on your behalf.


10.   Can I change my delivery address?

Ans: Yes you can change your address (as long as it is in Lagos) through email and text message with your registered line alone on the platform (both are required)


11.   Does Personnel have to come to my house to measure me?

Ans: No it is not compulsory; you can choose a location to get measured, either an office, front of your house or a public place like eatery, saloon, mall etc but we encourage that you get your correct measurement available to us

12.   Can I state the time and date that I want my product(s) delivered?

Ans: Yes, Please proceed to complete your order as contained on the platform and send an e-mail from your registered e-mail address to request express delivery within four (7) working days at an additional cost of 20% on the overall order payable before the timeline commences. (Also,The date begins to run as soon as you avail us with measurements or allow our personnel take your measurement)


13.   How can I track or monitor my product's delivery?

Ans: A soon as you place an order, you will receive an e-mail from Paystack confirming payment, At the point of delivery, you will be notified within 48hours of such delivery at your door step. (An automated tracking system is coming soon)


14.   Can I bargain with the fashion designer?

Ans: NO, this is an online market place and operates as the middleman.


15.   What if I want to pick-up my clothes myself?

Ans: We do not encourage this as we have a long standing tradition to deliver clothes at your door step. However, should you require picking your fabric at our office, you will call us to confirm while your registered telephone number and ID card will serve as the valid means of pick up without any discount availed to you.


16. What if I have the fabric already and still want a fashion designer on the platform to stitch?

Ans: Yes, you can send an email to to enable us treat your request exceptionally.


17.   Must I register to order?

Ans: Yes! Your details will be confidential and will be used for order alone. More so, this is needed to keep your measurement as it is a onetime measurement, your measurements will be stored and you can access it to update it in whenever you login. Registration gives you a secured personal login details which you can link to other social sites


Please read terms and conditions of service for more